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How To View Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Google Chrome allows you to save passwords to make signing in to your online accounts easier. While this feature is very convenient because you aren’t prompted to type in (or remember) your password each time, what do you do when you need to retrieve your actual password?

This step-by-step guide will show you how to see which passwords you have saved in Chrome and how to view your passwords.


To view your saved Google Chrome passwords:


1. Open Chrome


2. Select the menu option in the upper right hand corner of the window (circled in red).

3. Select Settings from the drop down menu

3. Scroll down the Settings options and select Advanced at the bottom


4. Scroll down to Passwords and forms


5. Select the arrow next to Manage Passwords


6. A list of all of your saved passwords will be visible. To reveal the actual password, select the eye icon next to the password you wish to reveal.


*Note: Saving your passwords in your browser is not an ideal way to save and manager your passwords. Your best options are either a handwritten book or a password manager*

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